About us

Dolcini Plumbing

Dolcini Plumbing was started in 1981 by Bill Dolcini Sr. Raised by a local dairy family, hard work, honesty, and a good reputation are the building blocks that this company was built on. Over the years, Dolcini Plumbing has done everything from new construction and remodels to service and repair. Bill’s sons, Bill Jr. and Jason, have worked with their father all of their lives. In 1993, Bill Jr. graduated high school and began working full time for his father, as did Jason in 1995.

Due to the high demand for service work in the Petaluma area, in 1995 we closed down all new construction and large remodel work. Having done new construction in the past, we have an advantage of knowing how to plumb a house from start to finish. We know the Petaluma area from years of experience again giving us an advantage by knowing the intricacies of certain subdivisions.

In 2012, Bill Jr. left the company and joined the California Highway Patrol. We wish him luck in his new occupation.

Our team is now comprised of Bill Dolcini Sr., Jason Dolcini, Eugene Dolcini Jr., Jared Holubec and Justine Packard. We firmly believe that we have the best, most honest, and hardest working crew available.

We promise to make customer service our highest priority, as it has always been. Our clients have referred us with the highest marks for years and we strive to make it many more.